AgFax Editors Blog: Coffee Shop Talk?

January 29, 2013

Traditionally, every small town has a gathering place where locals either start their day with breakfast or stop in for lunch. Our office staff started wondering if the “coffee shop” talk was still a reliable source of information for farmers.  We posted the question below on the AgFax Facebook page. The answers surprised us and now we’re wondering if Facebook is the “new” coffee shop.Want to share your thoughts? Comment below or Email me at:

So, how much stock do you put in what you hear about ag stuff at the coffee shop – or McDonald’s or Dairy Queen or wherever local folks gather?

  • Not much unless they are talking about something that worked or didn’t work on their farm. That way u know it ether cost them or made them money.
  • Mostly it is incorrect info or something totally left field…or the questions of someone who knows absolutely nothing about farming,those are the ones I like to educate.
  •  None, gotta find out for yourself.
  • Zero.
  • I don’t have time for the coffee shop bunch. As a rule, those are the ones not out there working as long as some of those that really get it done. They usually are the last to finish planting and the last to finish harvest. The lunch bunch, on the other hand, carry a little more credibility, but if they are REAL ag folks, you won’t see much of them either during busy times….






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