3 Young Farmers Go Viral With “I’m Farming and I Grow It”

June 28, 2012

If you recognize the song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” then you can hum along with “I’m  Farming and I Grow It.” Or you can just spend the whole song laughing!

Young Assaria, Kansas, farmer Greg Peterson hates the LMFAO song, but while sitting at the Sonic one afternoon and hearing the dreaded “Sexy” song, he decide to write his own version.

Starring as “Rappers” in the utube video are Greg and his brothers, Nathan and Kendal who weren’t happy when they had to do the sunrise scene. It had been a long week of cutting wheat and feeding cows, but brother Greg kept the production going.  Their sister Laura helped with the video, which also includes their parents and 88-year-old grandmother.

Greg Peterson posted the video on Utube on Monday, June 25, and within 24 hours, it went viral on YouTube and Facebook.  As of today, June 28, the video has been viewed a Million-Plus times!

Take a look for yourself!

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