Wild Hogs Have No Shame

January 16, 2012

When I opened the newspaper this morning (yes, we still get one) and saw yet another story about how destructive wild hogs can be, I just assumed I was going to read a crops story.  But not so, apparently wild hogs, in the off-crop season near Vicksburg, take field trips to the National Military Park. There is even a photo of 3 of them scouting out their next move among the 1,370 monuments.

We’ve used plenty of news items on agfax.com about wild hogs and the destruction they bring down on crops. But I never thought about what they might find to get into during the off-crop season.

Park Rangers do their best to remove the beasts, but since a sow can breed 3 times a year and produce 8 to 10 pigs each time, it’s an ongoing battle in the 1,800 acre park.

Those hogs should be ashamed of themselves.

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