Ever Bought Your Wife a Grease Gun for Christmas?

December 12, 2011

Owen Taylor, my spouse and business partner, recently asked what was the worst (or maybe he meant to say most unusual) present he ever gave me.

I probably surprised him when I answered a little too quickly.

But, really, who could forget a luxuriously appointed, handcrafted, 32-quart plastic ice chest that (I’m not lying) still resides in our garage after 30-plus years?  Not me! In fact,  it’s become one of those hilarious marital legends.

Inspiration comes from strange places, so Owen decided to post the question on the New AgTalk Forum where farmers, consultants and other agribusiness folks kick around almost any topic.

As a bit of Christmas cheer, we thought you might enjoy reading about some presents and comments that make my ice chest look pretty stylish compared to a grease gun, a chain saw, 36 chickens and can you believe it — bathroom scales?!?!  Now that I think of it, this thread of information may actually save lives.  Warning: Giving This Gift Could Harm Your Health

New Ag Talk: Worst Present You Ever Got Your Spouse

Happy Christmas Shopping!



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