Mississippi Soybeans: Keys To Sustainability

October 26, 2011

Larry Heatherly, who fostered significant advances in how Delta farmers grow soybeans, has filed a 7-part blog series on sustainable soybean production. The blog is tied into the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board’s web site.

Heatherly, a retired research agronomist with USDA’s Stoneville, Mississippi, facility, is now coordinates rearch and technology transfer for Mississippi’s soybean promotion board.

Larry Heatherly. Photo: USDA

The series stems from his own research experience, data collected from other scientists and ongoing work funded by growers in Mississippi and other states.

Here are links to the postings:

  • Introduction: Getting a handle on what “sustainable” means in terms of profitability and stewardship.
  • Production Practices: Decisions and practices that affect sustainability and yields.
  • Variety Development: How breeding programs are influencing sustainability and potential yields going forward.
  • Disease Potential: An overview of major diseases, where research might be headed and the looming specter of fungicide resistance.
  • Nematode Management: Sorting through a mix of species and options.
  • Insects: Finding a balanced approach from field to field, plus coping with insectide resistance.
  • Weed Management: Where we’ve been, where we’re going with weed management, transgenics and the growing crisis of herbicide resistance.
  • Irrigation: Making the most of the resource.

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