Texas Drought: When Will We See The Last 100-Degree Day In 2011?

July 12, 2011

Another indication about how early this year’s heat developed in the Sunbelt states comes from Bob Rose, Chief meteorologist with the Lower Colorado River Authority, an entity in Austin, Texas, that manages Hill Country reservoirs that supply municipal water and irrigation supplies.

This year’s triple-digit heat started in May, points out Rose, whose commentaries are available here. That kind of early start is very much an anomaly, he contends.

“It’s interesting to note if you look at Austin-Camp Mabry and Austin-Bergstrom’s long-term climate history, the average date of the first 100-degree day is July 11,” he specifies. “That means in some years, that first 100-degree day didn’t occur until well after July 11.  That’s hard to believe in a summer like the one we’re having this year.”

Even more interesting, says Rose, is the long-term average date of the last 100-degree temperature is August 20.

“I wouldn’t bet money our last 100-degree day will be August 20 this year,” he adds.  “From what I’m seeing, I think the 100-degree temperatures will last well into September.”

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