In Georgia, The Heat Also Came Early

July 11, 2011

As noted in the previous post, excessive heat hit Texas early this year.

The same can be said of Georgia, albeit at a lower level.

How hot was it in your state in June? Click on map for a larger view.

Sharon Johnson, an Atlanta-based cotton analyst, noted in a Sunday night memo that one of the local TV stations ran a comparison on high temperatures this year, specifically those at 90 or above.

“Since Jan 1, we have had 40 days of 90-plus degree weather, and in a typical year we only have the temperature reach or exceed 90 degrees on 43 days (total),” reported Johnson.  “There are another 2 months left in the summer, so 2011 is setting records all over the country.”

June has been particularly hot in Georgia and much of the Sunbelt. As a map Johnson provided indicates, for the last 117 years, only 2 other years have had a hotter June than 2011.

Johnson compiled a number of weather maps indicating just how hot and dry it’s been lately.

Click here:  Weather And Climate Maps Compiled By Sharon Johnson.


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