In Texas Drought, The Heat Came Early

July 8, 2011

Todd Baughman, the Texas A&M Extension peanut specialst, noted this week in our newsletter, PeanutFax, that the oppressive heat came on early by any standard.

“One of our local TV stations cited comparisons to illustrate how bad the heat has been,’ he said. “In 1980 – the landmark year everyone uses for comparisons – we had 42 consecutive days of 100-plus highs. This year, we had one day in June that it dropped to 98. Otherwise, we had 40 straight days of triple digit temperatures by July 5. In 1980, they didn’t hit that 40-day mark until July 28 – more than 3 weeks later. That really shows how early the heat came.

“All of us remember 1980, and 20 years from now people of my generation will be talking about 2011 in the same way.”

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