Lubbock Hits 112 Degrees – Now That’s Market News

June 27, 2011

It may be a cool day under the air conditioner at the Cotton Exchange, but Duane Howell, DTN Cotton Correspondent, reporting on the Cotton Market Opening this morning,  said more about the weather than the market.  Who could blame him?

Lubbock records its second hottest day ever on the Texas High Plains.

Record high temperatures prevailed over the weekend on the Texas High
Plains, reaching the second highest reading ever at Lubbock of 112 degrees on
Sunday after hitting 110 degrees on Saturday.

   Prior date highs of 110 and 108, respectively, were set during a three-day
stretch of record heat in 1994. Childress in the Rolling Plains baked at 117
degrees Sunday. The all-time high at Lubbock is 114 degrees on June 27, 1994.

   Daily highs are forecast at 109 today. This would be 21 days with high temps
of 100 degrees or more since June 7. Lubbock appears likely to exceed the
all-time annual record of 29 days with daily highs of 100 degrees or more set
in 1934 in the Dust Bow era.

   A slight 20 percent chance for showers and thunderstorms is in the forecast
for today with a high temperature of 107, then more hot and dry through Sunday
with daily highs remaining above the century mark and reaching 108 on Thursday.

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