Texas Drought May Have Enough Momentum To Persist After La Nina Fades, Says Bob Rose

June 10, 2011

Bob Rose, chief meteorologist for the Lower Colorado River Authority — which manages key reservoirs in the Hill Country of Texas — says that this year’s drought may have enough momentum to carry it through the summer, even when the La Nina effect weakens.

LCRA supplies water to Austin and other cities in the region and provides irrigation reserves for areas west of Houston, including much of the Texas rice crop.

Rice farmers are facing possible curtailments of their ratoon crop water supplies if substantial rain fails to develop between now and first-crop harvest. A continued drought into early winter might also reduce water supplies for the 2012 main rice crop.

Rose’s comments come in the same week that Georgia’s state climatologist said that the drought in his state could push into mid August.

Here is Rose’s latest video blog…

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